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Antique Chinese Wood & Copper Feng Shui Compass Box

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Beautiful and RARE antique Chinese compass with hand-painted decoration -- in great working condition with all original pieces AND key to lock the compass box. 


More about this item:
"This beautiful antique compass is hand-carved from wood and pure copper. The compass, also known as the compass instrument, is a tool for geomantic exploration and a commonly used operating tool for the Liqi sect. The compass is mainly composed of a magnetic needle located in the center of the disk and a series of concentric circles. Each circle represents the ancient Chinese's understanding of a certain level of information in the universe. The ancient Chinese believed that the aura of man is controlled by the aura of the universe, harmony between man and the universe is good fortune, and disharmony between man and the universe is evil. Therefore, based on their experience, they put all the information at all levels in the universe, such as the stars in the sky, all things represented by the five acts on the earth, and the branches of heaven, stem and earth, on the compass. [1] Fengshui masters use the rotation of the magnetic needle to find the best position or time for a specific person or event. Although the concept of "magnetic field" is not mentioned in Feng Shui, the careful coordination of directions, azimuths, and intervals between the layers of the compass implies the law of "magnetic field"."

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