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How to Recycle Paint in New York City - Big Reuse

How to Recycle Paint in New York City

In New York City you have several options for how to recycle your leftover paint. It's important to note that you should never pour paint down the drain or throw liquid paint in the trash, as it can contaminate the water supply and harm the environment. Instead, always dispose of paint responsibly through one of these options. 

1. Drop it off at a Paint Care site: Paint Care is a nonprofit organization that oversees the proper disposal and recycling of paints. They have drop-off sites all over the city, check their map to find the site closest to you!

2. Donate it to a nonprofit: Many NYC nonprofits, including Big Reuse, accept donations of opened and unopened paint. Donating leftover paint is a great way to reduce waste and lessen your environmental impact. Make sure to handle and transport it safely, as latex paint can spill or leak during transit. It's also a good idea to label the paint cans with the color and type of paint, as well as the date it was purchased or used. When the paint is in good condition, we sell it in our reuse center, otherwise we recycle it through Paint Care! 

2. Safe Disposal Events: In New York City, you can recycle paint through the Safe Disposal Events program organized by the NYC Department of Sanitation. At these events, you can drop off latex paints for proper disposal.

3. Discarding curbside: If you have latex or oil-based paint, you can dry it out and dispose of it in your regular trash. To do so, leave the lid off the can and allow the paint to dry out completely. Once it's dry, you can dispose of the dried paint in your regular trash and recycle the container.

 For more information on paint recycling and disposal in New York City, visit the NYC Department of Sanitation's website or call 311.


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