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volunteers filling a wheelbarrow with compost

Curbside Composting Outreach

compost team planning outreach events

The Curbside Composting Outreach Team, in partnership with the Department of Sanitation, is promoting awareness of New York City’s efforts to have all residents save their food scraps at home and put them in a special compost bin for pick-up once a week by Sanitation.

workers-dumping compost bins into pit

Food scraps and yard waste make up more than 30% of our trash. New Yorkers send 8 million pounds of compostable waste to the landfills  every day. Composting these organic materials significantly reduces both the amount of waste filling our landfills and the dangerous methane gas emissions that result from their decay. The benefits of composting are tremendous for the health of our environment and the quality of New York City’s street life. Compost nurtures and strengthens our green spaces and infrastructure and is returned to our parks and communities cost-free for their use.

compost outreach event

The practice of composting using a secure bin with a strong and tightly-closing lid, especially for food scraps, protects against pest invasion, reducing the rat population on our streets, keeping neighborhoods cleaner.

an adult and child doing tree care in NYC

Our Outreach Team is made up of passionate and committed individuals working on the ground engaging with New York City’s communities through tabling events, webinars for community groups, door-to-door home canvassing, free compost give-aways, providing street tree care sessions, and more.

As of October 2022, the entire borough of Queens will be receiving Curbside Composting services. The Outreach Team is now focused on engaging, educating, informing and prepping  everyone in Queens on the new services they’ll be receiving as this new program rolls out. 

From March 2021 through July 2022, the Outreach Team concentrated on engaging Community Districts 1, 2, 6, 7 in Brooklyn, 6 and 7 in Manhattan and 8 in the Bronx.


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