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Sep 21, 2023

Citywide Waste Containerization is Coming!

This week, Mayor Eric Adams and NYC's Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch announced a new containeriz...

Sep 21, 2023

NYC Climate March inspired a great turnout!

Tens of thousands of people marched on Sunday in Manhattan to end fossil fuels! Even the event's organizers were surp...

Sep 21, 2023

Countdown to Compost!

The countdown to composting in Brooklyn is almost over! Although there’s not going to be a ball drop and confetti, w...

Sep 21, 2023

Climate Actions to take the week of Sept 21

If you're a student, teacher or parent, work with your school to participate in NYC's Plastic Free Lunch Days! Thes...

Sep 15, 2023

Climate Week is Here!

Climate week starts this Sunday September 17th! This week more than 400 events and activities will be held throughout...

Sep 14, 2023

Upcoming Compost Outreach Events! Week of 9/14

The Curbside Composting Outreach team at Big Reuse is working to spread the word about the city’s free, borough-wide ...

Sep 7, 2023

Request a Compost Education Event for Your Building!

Live in a high rise building in Brooklyn with 10 or more apartments? Feel like your building could use some assistanc...

Sep 7, 2023

Climate Actions to take this week!

Join Forest For All on September 14 at 10am in City Hall Park for the Rally for the NYC Urban Forest! The rally wil...

Sep 7, 2023

Let's Get NYC to Net-Zero Carbon!

New York has some of the country's most ambitious climate goals. It's going to take a lot of work to get there, but ...

Sep 7, 2023

The Biden Administration is Canceling Oil & Gas Leases in Alaska!

The Biden Administration is taking unprecedented action to protect federal land from oil and gas drilling. Yesterday ...

Sep 1, 2023

Climate Actions to take this week!

The oil and gas industry pays reduced market rates to exploit federal public lands and routinely leaves the public ...

Sep 1, 2023

Why is the climate march on September 17th so important?

Last year, President Biden signed the most important piece of climate legislation in US history, the Inflation Reduc...
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