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Recycle Leftover Paint at Big Reuse! - Big Reuse

Recycle Leftover Paint at Big Reuse!

You can now recycle your used paint by dropping it off for collection or resale at Big Reuse!

In 2019 New York State passed a new law was passed creating a deposit on all paint purchases to go toward funding recycling programs that would help to reduce the environmental impact of the toxic chemicals in most commonly used paints. 

The PaintCare recycling program was launched in New York earlier this year with numerous drop off locations, including Big Reuse.
An estimated 10% of paint that is sold each year is left over - about 4 to 5 million gallons of paint is left over each year in NY alone.

The recycling program will take leftover paint and then manufactures separate by color, add additives to bring it back up to spec and then repackaged.  The state wide program hopes to collect about 2 million gallons per year here in New York state.

You can also use this locater site to find the most convenient paint recycling drop-off site. Over 100 gallons can get picked up,

Big Reuse is accept paint for reuse here in and through PaintCare recycling.

Limits for drop off
- 5 gallon limit per dropoff unless preapproved - email
- Paint must be sealed, not leaking, labeled 
- No spray paint or empties 
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