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The Big Reuse Site is not where the projected park will be!

  • Shown in black is our site, clearly located under the freeway, and in a high voltage area where parks plan to place a public parking lot.
  • Shown in green is parks operations where the intended park will be created.
  • Our site is NOT where the intended park will be located.
  • Our site already cost taxpayers over half a million dollars to design and build. Even if we are relocated, we do not have the allocations to rebuild a new site!
  • Shown in red is Parks current space of operations and where the planned park will be built.
  • Shown in orange is Parks current parking lot
  • Our area of operations does not conflict with the area of the planned park.
  • Parks already has a larger parking lot to the right of our site.
  • Shown in red is the planned park that will be constructed.
  • Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue claims that it is DSNY’s fault that Big Reuse is losing access to this site, which is false. Big Reuse has a license agreement with NYC Parks Department and they are the only entity able to renew or extend that contract. Parks is actively choosing not to renew the lease and using a variety of previously refuted claims to obfuscate responsibility, create confusion and ultimately enforce their decision to evict. This is a campaign of dis/misinformation fueled primarily by logical fallacies.
  • Our site is expected to be turned into a parking lot! Our area of operations CANNOT BE USED FOR PUBLIC ACCESS. Our site is a high voltage area, and is located under a bridge. A parking lot here is not suitable for the public! Especially for children visiting the intended park!
  • Our site is directly under Queensboro Bridge and not accessible to the general public. 
  • Parks does NOT need our site to construct the planned park. (Any claim that our site is needed for the Baby Queensbridge Park is false dilemma (formal logical fallacy).
  • Our Site IS NOT where the projected park will be! Commissioner Donoghue is using this argument as an appeal to ignorance (another formal fallacy)
  • Shown in green, our site does not overlap the border where Parks plan to create their park
  • Parks plan to go against overwhelming public support which was established during Park Planning’s scoping meetings! Any suggestion to go against popular public input and requests is a case of suppressed evidence.
  • Our area of operations does not overlap with the intended area of the upcoming park.
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