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Check out these Community Composting articles! - Big Reuse

Check out these Community Composting articles!

Don’t Kill Community Composting in New York City
Clare Miflin and Samantha MacBride, Bloomberg

"The social and environmental benefits of community composting are vast — yet New York City plans to permanently defund the largest, most successful program in the country... NYC has spent decades building up a successful community compost network. Let’s not throw it all away."
What a waste: New York City budget cuts eviscerate community composting groups
Whitney Bauck, The Guardian

“These are the organizations that taught New York City about composting...these are the people that did the work to create the public story about why it matters. It wasn’t the city government. It wasn’t the sanitation department. It was community organizations.”
"Composting is a process of transformation—taking food scraps and woody, carbon-rich material and transforming them into a beautiful, dark crumbly soil amendment. Community-scale composting facilitates another process of transformation; it transforms neighborhoods, creates social infrastructure, and gives individuals agency in the face of the climate crisis."
"New York City’s composting whiplash threatens more than its goal of reaching net zero by 2050; it risks eroding existing progress."
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