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Save Big Reuse's Queensbridge Community Compost Site!

Sign Our Petition to Save Our Queensbridge Composting Site: A Call to Preserve Community and Environment - Big Reuse

Sign Our Petition to Save Our Queensbridge Composting Site: A Call to Preserve Community and Environment

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Big Reuse, a pioneering environmental nonprofit, has been at the forefront urban sustainability and waste reduction through its community composting initiatives. At our award-winning Queensbridge site, we've transformed what was once an overlooked space into a vibrant, and welcoming composting facility. This transformation is not just about waste; it's about community, sustainability, and making a tangible impact on our environment.

Our Queensbridge composting site is a testament to what we stand for at Big Reuse: diverting waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fostering a culture of sustainability. Through our efforts, and thanks to the support and dedication of our local community members, we've managed to process over 2.3 million pounds of food scraps and yard waste into compost last year. This site represents a crucial step towards our city's zero waste goals and provides a model for community-based environmental stewardship.

However, the future of this vital community asset is under threat. ParksNYC has plans to repurpose our composting site into a parking lot, disregarding the positive environmental impact and community support our site has garnered in over a decade. This decision not only undermines our city's sustainability efforts but also ignores the voices of numerous neighborhood residents, council members, and even the Queens Borough President, who have all advocated for the preservation of our site.

Your support can make a difference. By signing our petition, you're not just advocating for a compost site; you're standing up for a greener, more sustainable future for New York City. Let's come together to show ParksNYC that our community values sustainability and environmental responsibility over additional parking spaces.

In arms with our community and environment, we at Big Reuse are determined to fight for our Queensbridge site. Together, we can preserve this vital resource for generations to come, demonstrating that when communities unite for sustainability, we can create lasting change.

Donovan Richards Jr., Queens Borough President

Big Reuse’s composting operation serves as an essential part of a community’s sustainability infrastructure…There are a plethora of environmental benefits that the program provides, of which brings important contributions towards mitigating climate change, promoting ecological resilience and environmental justice.” 

Lisa Deller, Chairperson, Community Board 2 Queens

CB #2 supports BIG Reuse’s continuing operation in their current location and believes that they provide a greater public benefit than would an expanded maintenance / parking area for DPR, which could be located elsewhere in wester Queens.

Justin Green, Executive Director of Big Reuse

“Due to budget cuts and DOB issues with the site in Greenpoint, Big Reuse cannot move, and this eviction will end our composting programs. There are no other sites - Parks’ eviction of the Big Reuse community composting site will force closure of an innovative, nationally recognized program.”

Letters Of Support From Council Members

Letter of Support from the Queens Borough President 

Letter of Support from New York City Bar - Environmental Law Committee 

Letter of Support from Community Board #1, Queens 

Letter of Support from Community Board #2, Queens 


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