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Climate Actions to take the week of Sept 21 - Big Reuse

Climate Actions to take the week of Sept 21

  • If you're a student, teacher or parent, work with your school to participate in NYC's Plastic Free Lunch Days! These are happening every three weeks in schools: the next Plastic Free Lunch Day is Wednesday September 27! Elementary Schools automatically participate with cafeteria staff serving lunches without plastic packaging. Middle & High Schools can reduce the use of plastics via staff and student engagement – find ideas and details here.
  • Gulf communities and environmental groups are suing the government to challenge an offshore lease sale that would offer more than 67 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling. Use Earth Justice's template to send a message to the Department of the Interior to urge for a stop to drilling in the Gulf and protect the endangered species there! 
  • Methane pollution is responsible for 25% of the warming we're experiencing today. The EPA is soliciting public comments: you can use the Environmental Defense Fund's comment template to tell them to strengthen pollution monitoring and reporting requirements for all oil and gas companies in the U.S! Consider also adding a comment about the importance of regulating and reducing methane emissions from agriculture--check out this great article to learn more!
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